Old School Rap

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Rap was the first music I ever got into. The first record I ever owned was 8th Wonder by The Sugarhill Gang. I didn’t really listen to “white” music until I got bussed in junior high. Of course, when I did, I went straight to punk. Whenever I would try to listen to rap in the 80′s, I just didn’t like it as much as the funky party records of my late childhood.

So for years, I have been slowly hunting down all rap material from the golden era. The twilight-era of my childhood as it were. Makes me all weepy.

Philosophy Rappin Spree – Super 3: Not much known about these guys. This early cut from 1980 is amazing. I also own a later one called Standing on the Top which sucks.
The Ultimate Rap – The Nice and Nasty Three: Another obscurity from 1980. Some of the ryhmes are political/topical, which was relatively unheard of before Grandmaster Flash’s The Message.
Count CooloutRythm Rap Rock – Count Coolout: A classic novelty rap record in the vein of Jimmy Spicer. Count Coolout was kinda like the Screamin Jay Hawkins of rap. Some of this is very dated. But dig the Rappers Delight ripoff bassline baby!
Fly Guy Rap – Fly Guy: I know nothing about this one. This guys sounds like a drug-addled pimp doing some signifying.
Rhapazooty Blue – Sicle Cell and Rhapazooty: Another Rappers Delight spinoff. This one is done with the same “Chic-Good Times” bassline. Amazing Record with some brilliant lines
Que Pasa / Me No Pop – Coati Mundi : I threw this one in here because I don’t know where else to file it. A novelty disco spinoff from the Kid Creole bunch. I like it more than anything I ever heard by Kid Creole. Is this the crazy guy on stage in Downtown 81? Que Pasa is cool latin funk but stick around for 2:24 where Coati starts rapping. Favorite line is “when i came from the VD clinic, I thought our love was finished.”

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  1. In all due respect the bass line was not a Sugar Hill ripoff, it was built upon one of my favorite rock songs by the group Queen and their classic song “Another One Bites The Dust”. Just the same the recognition is appreciated.

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