Inflatable Boy Clams

Inflatable Boy Clams – Inflatable Boy Clams (Subterranean) 1981. Can you believe this? I was posting below about how much I miss I dedicated the Psyclones LP to Brett. Got to thinking about cool SF artpunk and of course that leads me to the Inflatable Boy Clams.

Why not?

The thing is, I have wanted to hear the Inflatable Boy Clams Double 7inch for years. It was on Subterranean, the graphics on it are perfect…and the name of the band! Did I mention they are called The Inflatable Boy Clams???

So I google the name and holy shit! They have a website dedicated to them with the entire double 7incher….ands its a doozy. Just got finished listening to it for the first time. This internet-thingy is neato.

Check it out here:

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4 Responses to Inflatable Boy Clams

  1. Chuck Bury says:

    WOW! I love the way that they take the song “Skeletons” and run it backwards for “Snoteleks” and it in no way sounds like filler. My favorite cut is “I’m Sorry”, though….especially the part about the dress. Priceless. Thanks Joe!

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    My favorite is Skeletons. Her vocals are so spazzy. I dig where she goes “I smile for youuuuuu!” I like to look at the picture of the band while listening to it. Gets me every time!

  3. Cassie says:

    Hi! Is the band spawned from members of Pink Section (or maybe the other way around)?

    Also: I am addicted to your site, haha.

  4. Joe says:

    Hey Cassie,

    Yeah Carol (the one in the bra) and Judy (the one with the big hair) were in Pink Section as well as an assortment of other really cool bay area bands like Voice Farm and the Club Foot Orchestra.

    I think I’ve changed my mind about Skeletons being my favorite song. Now its “Im Sorry”.

    Glad you’re addicted to my site. I like to think of myself as the Chuck Klosterman of obscure beatnik lady 7inches from the 1970s.

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