Treehouse Scumbait #2

Treehouse was a rather obscure contender to the Midwestern-Noise-Rock-Post-Grunge Throne. It was started by a dude named Mark, whose last name is Trehaus. Get it? He owns a GREAT record store in Minneapolis called Treehouse records and this label is an offshoot. Or was the store an offshoot of the label?

I first became aware of Treehouse Records when I bought the uber-great Pagans Buried Alive compilation in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Starship Records in 1988. I thought it was a punk re-issue label, which was cool with me because in 1988, the world really NEEDED punk reissue labels.

Later I started noticing those weird Bastards records were on Treehouse and then this 7 inch comp came out with a song by St Louis local gods Drunks With Guns. Oh…and Treehouse was the first home, I believe…to the mighty Cows. The rest, as they say, is history.

Listening to it now, I can’t say that Scumbait #2 is the greatest thing ever. I never liked Feedtime that much and Venom P Stinger is blahhh. More of a historical curio. But I thank Mark Trehaus to this day for introducing me to the GODLIKE power of The Pagans at a time when good punk wrock was really hard to find.

So if you are in Minneapolis, visit Mark!

Treehouse Scumbait #2

Parade – The Bastards
Plymouth Car Is A Limosine – Feedtime
Day Will Come – Venom P Stinger
Drunks Theme – Drunks With Guns

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4 Responses to Treehouse Scumbait #2

  1. highwatereverywhere says:

    just met joe in my store today, and he hipped me to his site. not much to say about my old treehouse label, except that i don’t know what the hell i was thinking at the time. who in their right mind would think it would be a healthy thing to try and stay clean while starting a label with a guy i met in a drug treatment center, and then begin signing up a bunch of bands largely full of (and surrounded by) ungrateful, dysfunctional, juvenile brats…talk about a recipe for disaster! and a disaster it was.

    to correct joe: treehouse records (the label) was formed out of oar folkjokeopus, the store i managed for 17 years prior to taking it over and renaming the store treehouse records (after much urging) in 2001. the label was ahead of its time, as opposed to being some sorta amphetamine reptile wannabee…check the timelines if you think i’m spewin’ sour grapes. anyway, amphetamine reptile ended up getting better ink, more money, and a few other scale-tipping factors which caused them to ultimately reap the notoriety and financial paydays. i’m not bitter about it; i have my sanity intact, which i almost lost about 20 years ago, and i wouldn’t want to be any of those guys for all the gold in china.

  2. Eric says:

    muy excelente – I’ve been looking for the Scumbait comps for awhile – any chance you have #1 with the Bastards, Cows, Pagans, and Unsane?

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    I wish…that one was wayyyy better. At least I remember it that way!

  4. amh says:

    I dig Mark and Treehouse. I’m in the store a few times a week and he’s always ready to wax intellectual about records.

    Great guy. Great store. Great post.

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