Last Four (4) Digits – Big Picture

Last Four (4) Digits – Big Picture EP – Fast Friends, Coughing Up Blood // City Streets, Another Sex Crime, (Hardly Music Records) 1980. I recently drove through Indiana on my way to Ohio and I just don’t get it. How could so many amazing bizarro-punk wave bands have come from the Hoosier State? It just doesn’t seem to be a place conducive to arty experimentation. Then again, punk rock was invented in the Midwest out of boredom so maybe this kind of art-damaged weirdness was also a way of dealing with the endless flatness, both of the people and of the geography. Along with the seminal flatlander weirdness of Dow Jones and The Industrials, Observers Observing Observables, The Dancing Cigarettes, MX-80 Sound, The Social Climbers, Jetsons and Amoebas In Chaos, one would have to add Last Four (4) Digits from Indianapolis, who released this great EP in 1980. The Last Four (4) Digits morphed out of a late ’70s punk band entitled Joint Chiefs of Staff and broke up shortly after the release of this EP. Practitioners of self-coined “abstract commercialism”, they reunited in 1982 as Last Four (5) Digits and had a moderately successful string of shows on the East Coast. The best songs on this EP are the most overtly-experimental, namely Coughing Up Blood and City Streets. Another Sex Crime is very reminiscent to me of Eno-era Roxy Music and Fast Friends is probably the least interesting track. All in all, this is a solid release and yet another reminder that you don’t need to live in the “centre of the universe” to create challenging and entertaining art. This is probably even more true today than it was in 1980. So what are you waiting for?

Last Four (4) Digits reminding me of extras from Square Pegs
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  1. elliott says:

    oh man thank you for this one. it’s awesome.

  2. gef the talking mongoose says:

    Wow … another 45 I picked up years ago (in this case as part of a cheap eBay lot, I think) but have never gotten around to play. Duh.

    (Why, yes, I’ve just discovered this blog. How could you tell?)

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