LDoMoE Podcast #1 – A Tribute to Mutant Sounds

Another major event that occured while I was on my self-imposed sabbatical was the launching of Mutant Sounds. If you haven’t visited this site, by all means do it NOW.

…wait! Let me finish and then do it.

Mutant Sounds has been around for about 3 months now and has already beat LDoMoE in posts. The owner of the site, who goes by MUTANTSOUNDS and seems to be based out of Greece, posts continuously. I mean, he will apologize to the readers if he doesn’t post at least once a day! It’s friggin amazing.

I hate to say this, but at this point in my life there isn’t much out there I haven’t at least heard of musically. At least with regards to the niches I sort of occupy. But when I go to Mutant Sounds, I find completely new things daily. Not just new bands….entirely new genres of music to me. I mean, Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes??? How the hell did I make it this far without listening to her

In many ways Mutant Sounds occupies the same place musically as Post Punk Junk (RIP) did. The only thing it lacks is Brett’s great insight into the music and writing. But the sheer velocity of MUTANTSOUNDS posting makes up for it right now.

I have assembled a set of tunes that I recently got from Mutant Sounds. If you dig them, check out the site. It’s great.

Last Days of Man On Earth Podcast #1 – A Tribute to Mutant Sounds

No bounds-Gambit of Shame
Aunt Sally-Aunt Sally
Twisted -Amoebas In Chaos
I Just Want To Be A Movie Star-Lester Bangs And The Delinquents
Dumbness-Art Objects
Dilemmas -Human Hands
City Creatures-V2
Top of the Pops-Disco Zombies
People Of The Night-Denizens
I Don’t Mind- Toy Love
I Am The Dreg-The Cravats
look at his heartbeat-XeX
Why-Afflicted Man
Gone Riding-Steve Miro & the Eyes
15 aout 1970-Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes
Right Now-Decayes
Funny anymore-The Heartbeats
Breaking Down-Crawling Chaos

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6 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #1 – A Tribute to Mutant Sounds

  1. Ian EBH says:

    too much beardy weirdy prog.your short and sweet download has all i need for research purposes arf arf….ows about a feature on welsh language bands…

  2. Ian EBH says:

    ewanbach — email me with some tunes in welsh. I wanna check em out!

  3. OTTO says:

    Wow! Thanks for the tip… what a great site (only 30% or so is to my taste, but a phenomenal selection of goodies).

    Not sure where your musical boundaries are, but check out a Brazilian site called Loronix for an amazing selection of rare, out of print Brazilian music from the 50s – 70s (samba, bossa nova, and (my favorite) 70s brazilian soul/funk)… Legao

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    Legao/Otto — I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for this. Here goes another month of my life! Loronix is great.

    Seriously though, I understand not everything on Mutant Sounds is great. I don’t dig prog and there’s quite a bit of that on there. But the SHEER VOLUME is impressive.

    Besides prog, I have very few musical boundaries and I am definitely a fan of Brazilian soul/funk and Brazilian music in general. But my knowledge is limited to Clara Nunes, Rita Lee and Os Mutantes generally, so this site looks great!

  5. Slobodan Burgher says:

    Yeah agree – the dude even likes one of my old favorite bands, Cortex (Sweden, Freddie Walding from punk outfits like Liket Lever & Ladernunnan / Leather Nuns).

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