F-Systems – People / Naked Kiss

F-Systems – People // Naked Kiss (Classified Records) 1980. A great slice of new wave punk from Austin, Texas. F-Systems were peers of KBD favourites The Standing Waves and The Inserts and were on the same Classified Records label. Both sides of this single are winners and just have that aggressive yet melodic approach that so many Texas bands of the era had. Singer Lorenda Ash has a very dramatic delivery that is reminiscent of singers like Kat Arthur from Legal Weapon or Cynthia Genser from Chinas Comidas. One of the things I love about this is the melodrama of the lyrics. I’m a walking wounded romance! There’s no poetry in a world of missiles! If only people gave two shits today about anything. And the delivery. Modern singers like MIA are always being marketed as strong, confident modern female role-models like they are trailblazing or whatever, but really, any of the women I have mentioned in this post are equally as strong and confident and they are all from 30+ years ago! I guess every generation thinks their “cultural revolution” represents some kind of brave advance in human development. But really we’re just hamsters running in wheels. On the wings of a Jet Fighter. Headed for the abyss. Add that to your egg nog.

F-Systems feeling existential in Austin
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2 Responses to F-Systems – People / Naked Kiss

  1. Brendan says:

    These guys (and lady) are great, but why dis MIA? That hurt. You know how much I love her.

  2. Joe says:

    No dis to MIA..she is purty awesome. Just to folks who overuse terms like “groundbreaking”, “revolutionary” and my personal favorite “game changing”.

    2009/12/19 at 2:37pm

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