Bathory – In Conspiracy With Satan

Bathory – In Conspiracy With Satan (Black Mark) 1984. Erich, the owner of Good Music For Bad Bad Times, attracts controversy. Heated debates break out all the time on his site, which of course, makes for entertaining reading. Recently, he and the owner of Punk Vault got into an argument over bloggers vs musicians rights. I had to side ethically with MXV although I really wanted to side with Erich, because Vaulty came off as a completely, condescending dick.

Another funny point of controversy on Erich’s site was the age-old punk vs metal argument. Geez, I hadn’t heard that one in years. Me? I prefer grunt-rock.

So in honor of Erich, who seriously likes the metal….I am posting three tracks from my favorite metal LP of all time. The first Bathory LP. I am by no means a metal afficionado but this LP is a work of pure genius. It is still in print so buy it now.

1.Storm of Damnation (Intro)
6.In Conspiracy with Satan
8.Raise the Dead

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7 Responses to Bathory – In Conspiracy With Satan

  1. Eric says:

    Erich is a lightening rod for controversy, which is always entertaining. Agree exactly on the Punk Vault controversy. MXV is technically correct, but he came off as a cock. If I were him I would have handled it via email rather than making it public spectacle, but that’s me – I avoid conflict

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah between MXV and Milky, Erich has his hands full. Makes for entertaining reading though!

  3. Slobodan Burgher says:

    Bathory! Love it to death, as they say…

    Blogwars = amusing but not really something that matters beyond the 2 minutes worth of hi-ha…

    MXV – well its a ltd ed 100 press he’s talking about (if I am not mistaken) – technically correct sure but now at least many more than 100 have heard that record and surely it is fucking EASY shit selling 100 ex of a 7″ – just go to 10 shows and that will be it. Ask anyone whos been doing fanzines or diy distros…


  4. Erich says:

    Haha, sorry for being a lazy ass. Too much work on my studies lately, I come home from work and literally fall asleep. Yeah I stirr shit up. That’s what I’ve always done, willingly or unwillingly so. I like confrontation a great deal, but since I’m getting older, I’d prefer them to be a bit more polite and intelligent. But geez – not everybody is clever and I still got the potential for escalation in me, so there you go.

    BATHORY are great and proove: You don”t have to be original to be good (though it helps). Have you ever heard the bands first two released songs on that “Scandinavian Metal Attack”? Extremely powerful, very professional sounding – and quite brutal shit. I used to communicate with Quorthon, the main man behind BATHRORY, he was a very friendly guy, very open. At least in 1984. Later he turned into a bizarre neo-fascistic ethno-type. Yikes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pure genius? I’m just not hearin’ it.
    And Milky is not entertaining.

  6. Joe Stumble says:

    Ha…Neither are ultra-opinionated ANONYMOUS posters.

  7. Murphy says:

    At 36 years of age, can;t say I’ve ever really taken a side on the punk v. metal thing. Never interested me. Voivod were as good as the minutemen and Articles of Faith was as good as TT Quick. It was all good stuff. Bathory’s first is a classic and you’re a classy dude for posting it.

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